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What are these made out of?

The material is called Columbian Resin-39 or cr-39.  It is a monomer which lenses are cast from.  The adornments are all made from used or discarded optical lenses.


How do you get the color in them?

All pieces are hand dyed.  The same way an optical lab would dye sunglasses.


Can you use my old eyeglasses?

Yes and no.  Yes I can repurpose them if they are no longer in the frame and they are CR-39.  No, I cannot make a design from your specific pair, as they get mixed up in the etching process.


Can you make any color to match an outfit?

Yes, most of the time, an example of the color is sometimes required.


Are they hypoallergenic?

My supply company tells me the sterling silver that I form the ear wires from is made up of .925 fine Sterling and .025 copper. Most people are not allergic to these amounts.


What are the shows you do in Chicago?

The show in Chicago that I’m usually at on the 1st weekend in June is the Community Art Fair in Bixler Park in the Hyde Park Area, which is also held at the same time as the 57th Street fair. I also do various pop up shows in Chicago.


Do you have any work in stores?

No, I usually only exhibit in juried art and craft shows.


Are you on FaceBook?

Yes, my business page is under Maggie Joyce Recycling.


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